You want to go on vacation with your loved ones, you want to get away from the stress of your day-to-day life, ignore work for just a little bit with a bunch of distractions that will also nicely provide memories that can last you your entire life.

So, to go on such a vacation you are going to try and find the biggest and best resorts and hotels available, because they will most definitely have a lot of things to do, plenty of fun distractions for you to partake in and ignore those pesky adult situations that you don’t want to handle. For your convenience, here is a neatly compiled list of the largest hotels in the world.

First World Hotel in Malaysia

This colorful is the first up on our list for the sole reason that it is the absolute largest hotel in the entire world. I don’t think. I can stress how big this place is, it has 7,351 rooms to its name, a 500,00 square foot plaza, which has a shopping mall, food outlets, the only casino in Malaysia, a theme park. It’s li