Best Hotel Pools in the US – The Best in Hotel Reviews

There are hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of hotel pools in the world (maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration), it’s a dime a dozen. And they are scattered across the United States of America just waiting to be used by the hard-working citizens of the world. trouble is, there are so many that it can be hard to find the best one, especially if that’s what you’re staking your entire vacation on.

There are approximately 10.5 million pools in the United States of America, including residential and public pools, so of those pools around a fourth of them are hotel pools. Which is kinda small in perspective, I mean Texas alone could house that many pools and not even have half of their space taken away. Florida even could take it and still have plenty of theme parks left to squeeze in.

So, getting to the point, you’re here because you are either planning a boring vacation with friends that you don’t like and you just so happen to get to pick the destination, s

The Largest Hotels in the World – The Best in Hotel Reviews

You want to go on vacation with your loved ones, you want to get away from the stress of your day-to-day life, ignore work for just a little bit with a bunch of distractions that will also nicely provide memories that can last you your entire life.

So, to go on such a vacation you are going to try and find the biggest and best resorts and hotels available, because they will most definitely have a lot of things to do, plenty of fun distractions for you to partake in and ignore those pesky adult situations that you don’t want to handle. For your convenience, here is a neatly compiled list of the largest hotels in the world.

First World Hotel in Malaysia

This colorful is the first up on our list for the sole reason that it is the absolute largest hotel in the entire world. I don’t think. I can stress how big this place is, it has 7,351 rooms to its name, a 500,00 square foot plaza, which has a shopping mall, food outlets, the only casino in Malaysia, a theme park. It’s li

Top Hotels in Arizona – The Best in Hotel Reviews

You’re headed off to Arizona home of the Grand Canyon, half a dozen national parks, and monuments. You could spend an entire year there exploring without getting bored. Though if you’re planning a visit, you’re going to need a hotel. Here is our list of the top hotels in Arizona:

Enchantment Resort

Right in central Arizona, Sedona, is a painting come to life, with the flourishing red rock formations surrounding the town. Enchantment resort is right in the middle of it, giving you views of Boynton Canyon that you can see from your deck. You can watch the sunrise and set all you like, listening to the wild as the day goes by.

The rooms at Enchantment Resort are designed to give off the Arizona feel that guests want. With stylish chic decorations that look as if they were pulled from a movie, you can get into the spirit of things with these rooms.

Though the guest rooms are amazing, the newly redesigned private casitas & suites take the cake. Sitting at the bottom of

The Best Hotels for Couples in Kentucky – The Best in Hotel Reviews

Kentucky is one of the best places that you can choose in order to treat your special person. It could be an anniversary of your marriage, or a new-found special lover, Kentucky will be your ideal romantic destination. The hotels are going to offer you a Southern hospitality, and its unique experiences.

Kentucky has a history of horse races. By visiting the state, you will have a taste of the wild West. It is a state of rolling hills and one can experience the lush pasture, just like watching a frontier movie. The University of Kentucky, one of the best institutions of higher learning in the US, sits in Lexington.

By visiting Kentucky, you will experience life on Mohammed Ali who was one of the best boxers the world has ever produced. The boxing match, Rumble in the Jungle, is one of the most popular fights by Ali, and Kentucky has kept this as part of the history of the state (He was born in Louisville Kentucky and was buried in the same place). By visiting Kentucky, you will have a

Flowers, Travel, and Memories – The Best in Hotel Reviews

Flowers can enhance your travel memories in many ways. There you are, visiting the Spanish Colonial city of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico and the blooming jacaranda trees surrounding the buildings and throughout the plazas are so striking, they take your breath away. Or you are in Tokyo in April and come across the Kameido Tenjin Shrine covered with 100 wisteria plants on 15 trellises that were planted 320 years ago. At either location, the perfumed air and the lavender-colored light from so many purple flowers will create a scene you’ll never forget.

In fact, flowers can greatly impact what we remember from our travels. Visually, their individual beauty can provide delightful mental triggers to refresh our memories of a trip: it could be a single blossom on a Saguaro cactus in Arizona or a pink Jersey lily in the Channel Isles or the impact of a mass of color, such as heather on the moors in Scotland, a lavender field before harvest, or a field of pink opium poppies in Tasmania.